RAISE : Responsible AI for Social Empowerment

Digits and numerals were known to Babylonian, Egyptian and Indian mathematicians from 7th century, or even earlier. But digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Blockchain, Cloud and Data analysis  are invented nearly 15 centuries later, very recently. Any new technology is  always termed as double edge sword. It could be constructively used for the benefit of society . ...
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Praised by the world but lesser by Indians

Majority of the people in the world of literature did not  take due note when  Rabindranath Tagore  wrote Geetanjali. But when that poetry was published in London, the world of literature went on to shower praise on the ‘poetic thought of Tagore’.  Then he became the first Indian to get Nobel Prize in the literature. ...
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Benefitting from Interlinked 17 SDGs to address Climate Crisis

All 17 SDGs are linked to each other. For the first time, a world leader in the G20 meeting not only recognises these interlinkages but also suggests the methods to implement interlinked SDGs. The G20 meeting was held virtually in November 2020, with Saudi Arabia as host, amidst COVID-19.  When world leaders were focussing on ...
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