PM Modi launches financing facility of Rs. 1 Lakh Crore under Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

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Farmer Bill

Here comes the largest financial boost to farmers in India . Farmers would now be part of the ‘market-mechanism’. Their produce will be traded in the market, the way the manufactured products from industries are sold. Those serve the food, are now served with ‘capital’ and provided the clients so that Agriculture become significant part of the India’s GDP.

It’s not about just numbers like INR 1000 billions of financial support announced by the Government of India under leadership of Prime Minister Modi, what is important is the intent to help farmers to become ‘agripreneurs’, and objective of enhancing farmers’ income , encouraging that competitive prices are set by the farmers individually or collaboratively.

‘One nation, one Market’ Mission includes a technology-based e-NAM. Now, by making laws. What more, the farmer is freed from purview of the market and market tax, adequate storage and transport . If farmer wants, he can now to make a deal of his produce in his field itself or the farmer can sell his produce directly from the warehouse to the merchants and institutions associated with e-NAM.

Local goes national . And nation goes global.

Increasing Start-ups in farming, capital access, e-marketing, village-transformation. New transformation leads to new hopes. Sustainable Development of farmers and his land would be the goal.

This indeed is the part of SDG 1 : no poverty-small poor farmers would get financial help to get into mainstream, SDG 2 : no hunger reaching food produced by farmers to far flung places through better infrastructure, SDG 8 : decent work and economic growth , Agriculture would contribute more to India’s GDP SDG 9: Innovation and Infrastructure through innovative policies, mobile cold storages and special trains, SDG 15 Life on land by providing good nutrients to land and SDGs 17 : Partnership ( farmers club, associations and cooperatives).

SDGs should be mainstreamed in nations developmental imperatives.

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