Benefitting from Interlinked 17 SDGs to address Climate Crisis

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All 17 SDGs are linked to each other. For the first time, a world leader in the G20 meeting not only recognises these interlinkages but also suggests the methods to implement interlinked SDGs.

The G20 meeting was held virtually in November 2020, with Saudi Arabia as host, amidst COVID-19.  When world leaders were focussing on saving their own citizens and own economies from the effects of the global pandemic, PM Modi of India had not lost his focus on even more critical issues, like Climate Change, Biodiversity and implementation of SDGs.  Climate Change is predicted to be a more serious challenge as compared to COVID19.

Beaming with confidence amidst the disaster caused by COVID19, Modi declared that LED lights are made popular in India. 38 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year was reduced due to the use of LED. The goal of 175 gigawatts of renewable energy will be met well before the target of 2022. India is preparing to set a goal of 450 gigawatts by 2030. India’s star global initiative,  along with France,  is the International Solar Alliance (ISA) is growing fast, with 88 signatories. ( SDG7 and 13)

80 million households are now using LPG cylinders thereby eliminating indoor pollution and freed women from indoor smokes and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. (SDG 3,  SDG 5 and SDG7)

India’s forest cover is expanding as is evident from the NASA satellite.  the lion and tiger population is increasing; 26 million hectares of land would be undegraded  by 2030 ( SDG 15)

India is making a next-generation infrastructure that will also contribute to a cleaner environment. ( SDG9)

With plans to mobilise billions of dollars, train thousands of stakeholders, and promote research and development in renewable energy, ISA will contribute to reducing carbon footprint. ( SDG13 and  SDG8)

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