The road to fighting climate change is through climate justice

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The health of people is closely linked to the health of the planet. And both are linked to sustainability and prosperity. Three are interlinked.

People’s health is threatened by COVID19. But the efforts to keep the health of the planet should not be overlooked. The scale of the challenge of people’s health ( SDG3 ) that we face is now evident. The need of the hour to face short-term and long-term challenges.  The youth have the potential to speed up the solutions. They can think out of the box. Today’s business, therefore, should invest in youth.

Marginalized communities, such as rural women, poor, indigenous communities often face the worst consequences of climate change, even though they are not responsible for climate change. Rich has the power to protect themselves from the impacts of Climate Change, but marginalised communities are a silent sufferer. The least responsible for climate change suffer its gravest consequences.

This cannot be justified. The issue of climate change is therefore the issue of human rights, ethical and social rather than economic and political. The causes and consequences of Climate Change need to be identified through the lens of justice. PM Modi says “the road to fighting climate change is through climate justice.” ( SDGs13 and 16) END

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