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By India Today Web Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday evening interacted with Indian rescue personnel who returned from earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria after saving lives and winning hearts. At his residence in Delhi, PM Modi interacted with Indian rescue professionals and organisations involved in ‘Operation Dost’.

He lauded the quick response of India’s rescue personnel. “India’s quick response during the earthquake has attracted the attention of the whole world. It is a reflection of the preparedness of our rescue and relief teams,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said service towards others has been a “lesson from our culture”.

He said the lesson of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which means that ‘the world is one family’, has been imparted to us by our culture.

“The whole world is our family. For us, the entire world is one family. We have helped citizens of other nations during this (calamity),” he said while lauding the rescue professionals’ efforts in Turkey and Syria.

Our culture has taught us Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, says PM @narendramodi #OperationDost pic.twitter.com/657vZPrfcM — DD News (@DDNewslive) February 20, 2023

India had one of the largest teams of search-and-rescue professionals on the ground to aid both the earthquake-hit nations.

PM Modi lauded the Indian Air Force, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and other professionals for the commendable search-and-rescue operations in Turkey and Syria. The prime minister also commended the presence of female rescue professionals and said that it should become a common practice to recruit them. He also said that he was proud of them.

A series of earthquakes have claimed over 46,000 lives. Indian rescue professionals flew down to both nations with life-supporting equipment, medical aid and sniffer dogs, and carried out their operations for nearly 10 days under the banner of ‘Operation Dost’.

“Operation Dost is an example of India’s dedication to humanity and our commitment to stand by nations in distress. We have always been the first responder to any calamity in any part of the world,” PM Modi told the professionals.

Interacting with personnel involved in #OperationDost in T¼rkiye and Syria. Their efforts in disaster response and relief measures have been commendable. https://t.co/D80SShsFn3 — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) February 20, 2023

“When one can help oneself, one is capable. But when one can help others, they are selfless,” PM Modi said while citing Indian rescue professionals’ efforts during the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war and the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August 2020.

“The same commitment during the pandemic too. We have helped many other countries, and Indians helped others with vaccines. ‘Operation Dostis is a testimony to India’s commitment to come to others’ rescue,” PM Modi said.

“Bharat is seen as the first responder,” he added.

“Whether there is a cyclone or any disaster in any part of the world, when people see you, see NDRF personnel, their uniform even from afar, their faith is restored. They feel a sense of safety and naturally begin to trust you guys. This multiplies your credibility manifold. But we cannot stop here. We have to increase our measures. We need to be perceived as the world’s best rescue teams. That is why I asked you (rescue personnel) about other countries’ skills and equipment. Therefore, we (Indian professionals in Turkey) must also have learned even amid a calamity. This will help us better ourselves,” he noted.

During the last few years, NDRF has been able to establish trust among the people of the country.

Be it cyclones, floods, or earthquakes, you all are seen as a beacon of hope and belief in the distress and it is a very big achievement for NDRF.

— PM @narendramodi pic.twitter.com/OrC7rz0MH2 — BJP (@BJP4India) February 20, 2023

“Every calamity teaches us and provides us with the experience to adopt best practices. We fulfilled our responsibilities in Turkiye through relief and rescue but whatever we learned from our experience there should be documented for improving our strategies,” PM Modi said while extending his gratitude to the professionals.

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