Modi, Nobel Peace Prize and SDGs

By Rajendra Shende,

Chairman TERRE Policy Centre, former Director UNEP

IIT Alumni 

‘PM Narendra Modi continues to be most popular global leader with approval rating of 74%’

That was the headline in the media on 12th August 2022, just three days before India’s 75th Anniversary of the Independence Day.

My focus in launching this site is to assess PM Modi, not only from ‘popularity’ angle but from ‘Sustainability’ angle, specifically diving deep into his ‘Sustainable Development’ actions. Popularity is an ‘obtuse’ angle whereas Sustainability is an

‘acute’ angle. What exactly is the difference? Let me explain.

The difference lies in the criteria selected for assessing the World Leaders. Popularity can be subjective however can it be made objective? How obtuse idea of Popularity can be turned into acute idea of Sustainability? Answer lies in what is expected from world Leaders in context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Narendra Damodardas Modi coming from bottom-of-the-pyramid never wished to be on top-tip of the that pyramidal massif. But he is committed to serve the people at the bottom of the pyramid – his odyssey. His 50 years as ‘KaryaKarta’ or one engaged in service, 15 years as Chief Minister of state of 62 million people and 8 years of Prime Minister of 1350 million people of India. Can he influence 8000 millions of the world?

That brings me to assess the work of the world leaders from lens of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That’s what this site attempts to do. Acute assessing of the Obtuse personality.

This web site harbors long term vision: Assessing the World leaders from the criteria of speed and scale of implementing SDGs in the nations. In obtuse world, one has to have acute focus. Even better word is ‘equilateral’ triangle of Social, Environmental and Economic sides.

Surely, it is time that Nobel Peace Prize Committee amend its criteria for selection of annual peace prize. The seminal objective in achieving all SDGs is to live in peace with all. That includes peace with Nature! 

Can PM Narendra Modi be the winner based on SDGs criteria? Which of the world leaders can fit such SDGs-criteria in future?


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