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Digits and numerals were known to Babylonian, Egyptian and Indian mathematicians from 7th century, or even earlier. But digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Blockchain, Cloud and Data analysis  are invented nearly 15 centuries later, very recently.

Any new technology is  always termed as double edge sword. It could be constructively used for the benefit of society . The darker edge of the technology can destroy the society. Atomic Energy is vivid example of the ‘double edge’ of technology!

 PM Modi while talking to RAISE : Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Summit informs the experts to highlight, debate and prepare roadmap on how AI can benefit poor people, farmers and in public and individual health

 One of the key suggestions from him could be the game changer. While stating the human brain and intelligence should not be  subordinate to AI and that can AI be used to track the inclination and the progress of children and youth. That way, it would be possible for parents and teachers to track the real inclination and hidden skills of the youth.

He touches on use of AI in accounting of national assets and resources . But he is not directly indicating the  deployment of  AI for the natural resources and its sustainable use.

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